Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Autobiographical novel Cabbage, Strudel and Trams in now available to download from all the usual suspects

A slightly hilarious account of my growing up in "communism". It was fun, folks! Don't believe me? See for yourself how things were done under the feared communist rule in the erstwhile Czechoslovakia.

Monday, February 3, 2014

It will destroy you

A novella exploring the complex, multifaceted and often tragic nature of human love through three interconnecting stories of love, loss and betrayal. 

Young Phoenix lives with her mother in a small rural town, enduring a childhood filled with financial insecurity and emotional instability brought on by her mother’s immature outlook and turbulent love life. Forced to frequently fend for herself Phoenix is relieved when, after a particularly disastrous romance with Danny, a young itinerant musician, her mother takes up with the older and sensible Shawn, who brings order and financial stability into their lives, leaving Phoenix to concentrate on her developing relationship with her best friend Billy. However, the idyll doesn’t last long and things spiral out of control when Danny comes back to town, setting in motion a chain of events which will forever change their lives. 

Genre: literary, coming of age, drama