Children's books by Ivana Hruba

Shloppy is a plop. Edmund is a cat. Shloppy and Edmund are best friends. Shloppy likes to sing and Edmund likes to eat. Shloppy and Edmund spend a lot of time together doing funny things. They go fishing. They climb trees. They jump over houses. Sometimes they go exploring in the forest. Best of all, they like to skate and learn new tricks, and show them here, in this seriously cute cartoon series for seriously cute but still extremely cool kids.

The Silly Adventures of Shloppy the Plop & Edmund the Cat is a comic book series directed at primary school boys from 6 years of age. Featuring humorous storylines and easy-to-understand age-appropriate dialogue and illustrations, the series aims to attract children who are reluctant readers. Written and illustrated by Ivana Hrubá, an experienced early childhood teacher, the series offers a bridging experience for the early reader whose reading skills and attention span are not sufficiently developed for reading chapter books. Featuring two main characters, Shloppy the Plop, a very cute mythical creature with mannerisms, behaviours and interests of a typical young boy, and Shloppy’s best friend, a cat called Edmund, the short, humorous stories depict everyday situations most children experience during the course of their daily lives, as well as imaginary adventures all children can relate to.

Very young children respond to simple narrative structure, colorful visual appeal and storylines that are suited to their limited understanding of the world around them. Let’s Read A Story will help your children understand simple concepts from everyday life while engaging them in a question & answer responses and acting out simple instructions.