Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Cautionary Tale of a Young Doodler and Other Stories

A collection of letters to Dear Ned, an Agony Aunt with an eye for the bizarre, the unfortunate, the misshapen, and the plain silly.

The Cautionary Tale of a Young Doodler:

P. Casso, an unremarkable young man in charge of phone enquiries in an art gallery, spends his working hours in a pleasant daze doodling aimlessly at his desk until a random drawing lands him in such an unexpected awkward situation, the young man is compelled to write to Dear Ned for advice.

The Tale of Desperately Boring Mike:

Dear Ned is called upon to help desperately boring Mike, a young man who, by his own admission, is desperately boring and consequently has trouble attracting the opposite sex. Will Dear Ned be able to help? He might if he can stay awake long enough to read the entire letter …

The Tale of the Tall Lady and the Feisty Midget:

Dear Ned has to arbitrate when a romance goes awry after a tall lady engaged to a feisty midget with a suspicious mind and unresolved anger management issues begins to doubt their future together.

The Pungent Tale of the Open-Toe Sandal:

When a maid of honour gets demoted to a banquet hall usher at her sister’s wedding due to her foot odour problem, the unfortunate lady turns to Dear Ned for advice, thinking he might be the only one able to help with the embarrassing situation. But could this be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Dear Ned?

To find out the answer to this and the other ‘conundrums’ Dear Ned is facing in this here volume of amusing albeit silly stories, download them NOW and let us know how you liked them. Cheers, Yours Truly

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