Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The English Patient, Dr Zhivago and the Purposeful Stride, and Other Stories

A collection of amusing short stories about the human condition revealing the absurdity of our existence.

Stories appearing in this collection are:

The English Patient, Doctor Zhivago and the Purposeful Stride

The College Girl and the Older Man

I Was Young Once

The Influential Life of Speckly Jim

The Fleeting Nature of True Friendship

The Waiting Room and the Supermarket Trolley

The Dog and the Parrot

The Long Lunch

The Man of Constant Sorrow

The Remains of the Cheese

The Proposal

The Imaginary Lover

Any Man

Suffer the Little Children

The Cautionary Tale of a Young Doodler

The Tale of Desperately Boring Mike

The Tale of the Tall Lady and the Feisty Midget

The Pungent Tale of the Open-Toe Sandal

The Tale of a Worthy Albeit Slightly Flatulent Young Man

Please note: the novels 'The English Patient' and 'Dr Zhivago' are NOT included in this collection of short stories; in fact, they have nothing to do with it.

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